Welcome to PowerTiller.  We hope you will take the time to look at our truly unique sailing products and solutions. We believe you will find at least one that will make your sailing experience safer and more enjoyable for both you the Captain and your First Mate.       

Our Mission

To make your sailing experience safer and more enjoyable by providing systems designed to simplify boat handling for the novice and experienced sailor alike.

Customer Comments

"I've been using my PowerTiller for almost 3 years and it still works perfectly. My wife says, "it's the best thing we ever bought for our boat."" - Charlie J.  MO, USA Charlie sails a Chrysler 26 powered by a Johnson 10 HP aux. 

"Thanks for such a great product line...I am afraid I will be forever spoiled by the PowerTiller and Steering System!" -Chet C. OH, USA Chet sails a Rhodes 22 powered by a Honda BF8A

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