Our Products

PowerTiller™ II

The PowerTiller™ II is our second generation PowerTiller™. With the PowerTiller™ II we are able to offer multiple installation options to suite your particular tiller attachment configuration. The most popular installation is UNDER the tiller with the controls accessible from either side of the tiller.  In this configuration your great tiller finish is left on display for all the world to appreciate while you still have the convenience of our tiller mounted motor controls.

Steering Kit

When installed on your sailboat The PowerTiller™ Simple Steering System provides you with extraordinary maneuverability in close quarters at low speed. It links your outboard motor to your tiller so that they turn together. The system is simple to install and operate and costs less than 1/2 of similar systems. Unlike other systems it is easily attached to the tiller IN the cockpit and when attached does not interfere with raising or lowering the outboard motor.

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