PowerTiller™ Vs Typical Remote Controls

Feature PowerTiller TT (discontinued) PowerTiller     II Typical Control
Lever Style Throttle Control X X X
Twist-grip Style Throttle Control X Some
Lever Style Shift Control X X X
Aircraft grade stainless steel control cables X X
Standard engine hookups X X X
Engine Kill switch (optional) X X X
Engine Start switch (optional) X X X
Adds no length to tiller (except PowerTiller™ TT)  Adds 8″ X X
Permits easy raising and lowering of engine X X X
Throttle Lock for cruising X X  X
Low cost of acquisition – cables included!! Save Now Save Now
Low cost of installation – easy self install Save Now Save Now
Axial movement reduces cable wear and effort Save Later Save Later
Mounts on your tiller – where your hand is already What a concept! What a concept!
    Sleek Profile allows for semi-concealed installation UNDER the Tiller. Don’t hide the beauty of that Tiller! X X
    Low Profile controls reduce chance of snagging lines X X
    Does not create a trip hazard in the foot well or cockpit X X PROBLEM
    Drill no holes in your hull NICE! NICE!
    Moves with the tiller (and you) X X
    Controls are within easy reach – X X PROBLEM
       – Available from BOTH sides of the cockpit X X PROBLEM
       – Seated or Standing X X
    Opens cockpit for entertaining when moored NICE! NICE!
Optional Quick disconnect kit for easy motor removal NICE! NICE!
Two hand tightened knobs hold the controls to the tiller X X
Corrosion and mar resistant hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum, Dupont Delrin(tm) & stainless steel components Save Later Save Later

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