Frequently Asked Questions

Will the PowerTiller™ work with my motor?

Yes, the PowerTiller™ II model is designed to work with motors that have standard remote control attachment points or motors that can be adapted to accept standard remote controls.  It fits the vast majority of 5hp+ motors equipped with a shift lever.

Where can I find it ?

The PowerTiller™ is available through our catalog and at selected dealers from coast to coast.  If you have an interest in the PowerTiller™ and would like to see your dealer, boatyard, or motor repair shop handle it contact us at (602) 852-5707 with the dealers name and phone number and we will make arrangements to have a unit shipped to them for your inspection.

Is the PowerTiller™ easily removed from the tiller for trailoring and covering the tiller?

For Trailor sailors we now provide an optional Quick release kit for each of our PowerTillers™. The quick release kit employs 2 clamping knobs to secure the PowerTiller™ to the tiller.  It takes only seconds to release the PowerTiller™ from your tiller for motor removal or just to cover the tiller.  Likewise reattaching the controls takes only moments. We discourage removing any control device while under way.

Can/do you supply ALL the hardware required?

Your PowerTiller™ comes complete with cables.  If you require an adapter kit for your motor we provide them complete with cable ends and installation instructions/diagrams.  We supply  a quick connect attaching kit as an option. If you elect to permanently mount your PowerTiller™ you will need screws or bolts of appropriate size and material for your tiller from your local hardware store or marine supply.  We provide phone support for the installation and adjustment.

Will the PowerTiller™ mount on my tiller?

We haven’t found a tiller that it doesn’t fit.

Can I mount the PowerTiller™ other than on the tiller ?

The Powertiller is designed specifically for tiller mounting – however Customers have mounted it on bulkheads, combings and rails.  In these instances custom cable lengths may be required.

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