PowerTiller™ II

The PowerTiller™ II is our second generation PowerTiller™. With the PowerTiller™ II we are able to offer multiple installation options to suite your particular tiller attachment configuration. The most popular installation is UNDER the tiller with the controls accessible from either side of the tiller.  In this configuration your great tiller finish is left on display for all the world to appreciate while you still have the convenience of our tiller mounted motor controls.

Key Benefits

*Easy to access – outboard controls where you need them – on the tiller handle.
*Simple to Operate – One control head can Start, Shift, Accelerate and Stop your outboard motor.
*Simple to install  – No through hulls required – two bolts, screws or our optional Quick Release Kit attach the PowerTiller to your tiller.
*The PowerTiller moves out of the way with your tiller. So your entire cockpit is available for sitting, lounging or entertaining without interference from the motor controls.
*Quality aircraft grade parts designed to last in the harsh marine environment.
*Has the familiar operation of pedestal mounted controls. One control for shifting and a second for Throttle.
*Strong yet lightweight construction.

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